Set Goals, Crush Goals – Adrenaline Goes Savage!

The nZone’s own Adrenaline Fitness Bootcamp is on a mission this year to challenge its members to push themselves outside of their normal comfort zone and complete an Obstacle Course Race (OCR). Set Goals, Crush Goals was the mantra set at the beginning of this year for Adrenaline Bootcamp and the members clearly answered the call.

For the first event of the year, Team Adrenaline showed up in force at the Savage Race in Maryland with 115 members, friends, and family to participate in the race. Clad in the signature 2017 Adrenaline Bootcamp OCR Series green t-shirts, Team Adrenaline was by far the largest group to participate in the Savage Race. They represented Adrenaline and the nZone in the best manner possible…and everywhere you looked, you could not miss seeing someone in a green shirt! Everyone commented how amazing it was to see such a large group of people come together to do something way outside their comfort zone, and to see the months of hard work and dedication finally being put into action was absolutely incredible!

In addition to the focus on fitness, Adrenaline Bootcamp members are a special group of people who know no bounds when it comes to fellowship and teamwork. They rise to the occasion, they always give 110%, and more importantly, they encourage one another. Out on the race course, they completed the 6+ miles and all obstacles knowing that they were in this together and that help was never far away if it was needed. Team Adrenaline not only helped each other, but everyone else in the race to get through the obstacles and surpass their personal goals.

There are still several Obstacle Course Races on the agenda for Team Adrenaline this year. No matter if you are a veteran at these events or a new first timer looking to step outside of your comfort zone, consider joining us! Contact Jon “the OCR guy” Mollerup at for more information about the Adrenaline 2017 Obstacle Course Race Series.