Happy New Year Adrenaline!!

2016 was an eventful year in many ways! The program continued to grow at a steady pace. During the last year we increased our membership numbers, we added new instructors, launched a second Saturday timeslot and new lunchtime class offering, grew our online presence by adding a Yelp page, increased our number of Instagram followers fivefold, topped over 500 Facebook followers, and started a new blog. Our class participation numbers have also increased. At this time last year most classes averaged attendance in the teens or low twenties, we now have several classes that are averaging attendance in the upper twenties and low thirties, and our Saturday classes regularly approach 40+. As the class size grew, so did the level of excitement. I was so happy to see how our members pulled together in a larger group environment and how encouraging everyone was in helping each other achieve their fitness goals!

And not everything that was accomplished during the last year was done in class. We also came together to give back and contribute a great deal to our community. I am so proud of our members and their generosity. It truly blew me away when I went back to look at some of the numbers. During 2016, Adrenaline raised over $9,300 between our Memorial Day Murph fundraiser benefiting Freedom Alliance and the Dulles Plane Pull benefiting Special Olympics Virginia! We also added two new charity events this year and collected 415 items for our first ever Thanksgiving food drive and 108 toys for our Holiday toy drive. That is a respectable impact and I am truly grateful for everyone who helped make the charity drives such a huge success.

Looking forward to 2017, I am so excited for what lies ahead!

First off, our newest instructor, Ben, will start covering classes later this month. We are really looking forward to what he will bring to the program.

And for those of you looking for a challenge outside of class, we have a full line up of obstacle course races to look forward to this year. Thanks to the leadership of Jon and Ed, we have a well-organized team and some great information being shared about the races. Our first event will be the Savage Race in Maryland, and the Adrenaline team is currently upwards of 70 people! That’s truly incredible and it is going to be a fun and exciting experience for everyone signed up. Adrenaline is going to rock it!!

We will also continue to give back to the community by participating in some fitness-focused charity events such as our annual Murph as well as a new event or two.

On behalf of all the instructors at Adrenaline, we wish you and your families a strong and healthy 2017! Let’s make this year the best one yet! Cheers!!

Best Regards,

Heather Croxton
Director of Adrenaline Bootcamp

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